The Attraction Principles of Franchises

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For me, one of the biggest attractions for owning a franchise is that you can switch gears—and careers—with little hassle or time expended.  For example, let’s imagine that you’re a receptionist in a large corporation or a school principal in a junior high school.

You need and you desperately want a change in your working life.  You love meeting people and enjoy making them happy. Your interest in food is well-known.

After some heavy-duty investigation, you decide on investing in a franchise. And Voila!  After a few weeks or sometimes months of training with the franchise system, you are now a casual restaurant owner.

How else can you leave the old job behind, become a new business owner and work in a business segment where you have no real experience?  Only through franchising.

True, there are some food-related franchises that require experience in food or restaurant service but there are many that will welcome you with no relevant experience.  In fact, many franchisors prefer to have a well-qualified candidate who is freshly trained in the franchisor’s procedures than someone coming from the same industry with different and often conflicting habits.

Other criteria, however, needs to be met, such as intelligence, managerial qualities, and an acceptance of following a prescribed way to operate the business. Acceptance of the franchise business model is a necessity since most franchisors will not be happy to sign on a confrontational candidate.  Of course, having adequate financial resources is always a requisite element.

If you love the idea of changing careers several times in a lifetime, as I do, I believe that you’ll be intrigued with using franchising as a vehicle for this.

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