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The Elements of Successful Franchising

from Industry Expert Mary E. Tomzack

The Hero!

Mary E. Tomzack is a well-known and respected franchise consultant and franchising specialist. Author of Tips & Traps When Buying a Franchise, Going Global: Strategies and Techniques for New Multi-Nationals, and President and Founder of FranchiseHelp, Inc., Ms. Tomzack has led the industry as a franchise consultant by helping those looking for franchise business ideas, franchise lending organizations, multiple unit franchisees, shareholders and autonomous businesses looking to transform their business into a successful franchise.

Ms. Tomzack has held ownership of two business franchises, in addition to founding and operating a business, which manufactured and marketed women’s fragrances. Today she holds the role of founder and President of Pure Franchise, Inc helping entrepreneurs discover franchise business ideas across the country.

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Franchise Business Ideas and Franchise Consultant

Tips & Traps
When Buying a Franchise

Franchising is one of the best entrepreneurial opportunities – granted you have an idea of what you’re doing. This guide helps franchisees understand the right questions to ask, discover franchise business ideas, avoid frequented risks, and make the best purchase available – from charting the sea of legal issues, to finding the best location, and setting up a loan to put the business plan in action.

As a franchise consultant she is one of the most experienced franchise experts in the industry. Ms. Tomzack’s upcoming book will reveal new ideologies that will help franchise entrepreneurs for generations to come. The title and excerpts from the book will released in the coming months. Everyone who is interested in the very latest in franchising will have an opportunity to pre-order the book.

Readers' Comments
Franchise Business Ideas and Franchise Consultant

Reader's comments on the Completely Revised
Second Edition of Tips & Traps When Buying a Franchise:

"This book is the bible for anyone who is considering a franchise investment. I would have avoided all the pitfalls I am now experiencing if this book had been available before I signed my franchise agreement and lease."

"The ABC's of franchising are all in Mary Tomzack's book Tips & Traps When Buying a Franchise. Clearly covered and simply explained.... the book is a must read for anyone interested in franchising."

"Amazing! I started off with no knowledge of the industry. The book takes you through the whole franchise process. After devouring this book I became a franchisee in an expanding food franchise. I'd like to find Mary and shake her hand - she changed my life."

"Simply fantastic! As prospective franchise purchasers, my wife and I highly recommend this book. It is simultaneously a good and quick read, but is also full of information."

"The only book on franchises you will ever need.... it was the most informative book on franchises that I have ever read."

Choosing & Operating a Franchise

With thousands of franchise opportunities available, it’s important to find the right one for you, and if you have what it takes to succeed.

Franchising Your Business

Whether you’re a franchisee or franchisor, make sure you obtain the important information on how and when to sell your business.


Mary Tomzack’s accepted consulting assignments are limited. Contact us for more information.


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