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Franchises are a $900 billion business in the U.S. and equally popular in most other countries worldwide. The PureFranchise website is organized to answer your most important questions related to choosing and buying a franchise as well as converting your business to a franchise system. Mary Tomzack and a select group of franchise experts are available to guide the way for you.

We have heard your concerns and questions as to ways to finance your business. For this important element, PureFranchise has partnered with the best financial sources for a variety of business scenarios and we will serve as your money connection.

Check out our franchise information, blogs and articles to stay current with all that’s happening in the world of franchising and small business.

Choosing & Operating a Franchise

With thousands of franchise businesses to choose from, it is essential that you know how to make that decision. And if you choose wisely, your chances of success are almost assured. Don’t make any decisions until you analyze your needs, capabilities and limitations in a business choice.

Franchising Your Business

Taking a successful business and becoming a franchise is the fastest, most efficient and, in most cases, the most cost-effective way to expand a business. But, first, you need to know what is necessary to succeed as a franchisor, things like trademark protection, a teachable system, sufficient capitalization and much more.

The Money Connection: Financing Your Business

Whether you are looking to buy a franchised business, already own a franchise, want to franchise your existing business, or as a franchisor want to expand your locations – you have a need for good, reliable finance sources.

It’s essential to get information and advice on your financial needs from those who are experts in this area. We’re here to learn about your financial requirements and will recommend the very best lender(s) that we have partnered with that can service your needs with speed and professionalism .


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Buying a Franchise

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own franchise business? Are you confused and unsure as to which franchise business you should buy ? Do you want to get the best odds for becoming successful and not losing your money?

Franchising a Business

Are you confident that your business is “franchise-able”? What elements are necessary to evaluate whether the business can succeed as a franchise? What are the procedures and costs to franchise my business?

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What does a former professional athlete do when a career change is necessary? And what can you learn fron this?

Mary E. Tomzack

Mary E. Tomzack is a well-known and respected business consultant and franchising specialist. She is the author of Tips& Traps When Buying a Franchise , Going Global: Strategies and Techniques for New Multinationals, and Founder of FranchiseHelp, Inc. Ms. Tomzack has led the industry in establishing one of the very first Internet franchise portals (FranchiseHelp.com) which offered strategic information, services, and products for franchisees, franchisors, suppliers, and investors.

Ms Tomzack has owned two franchises in addition to founding and operating a business which manufactured and marketed women’s fragrances. Today she holds the role of founder and President of PureFranchise, helping entrepreneurs to discover franchise business ideas, facilitating the operating of the businesses and offering ongoing services for business success.

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