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Watch the video describing Mary Tomzack's new book, THE SECOND HALF: What do Athletes Do When the Game is Over and What You Can Learn from This

The Hero!

The Second Half

What Do Professional Athletes Do When the Game is Over and What You Can Learn from This

Mary E. Tomzack's new book, The Second Half: What Do Professional Athletes Do When the Game is Over & What You Can Learn From This guides the reader through what it takes to switch career tracks and become successful business owners by re-telling the stories and revealing the insights of professional athletes who have done it. The original interviews will not only be revealing for the individuals who love reading about their favorite athletes but also can be seen as a way to evaluate a business decision and...

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Franchise Business Ideas and Franchise Consultant

Listen to Mary Tomzack talking about her interviews with just three of the many sports stars who look to franchising for their next career. What do two NFL players and a MLB player have in common? Watch this video.

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Choosing & Operating a Franchise

With thousands of franchise opportunities available, it’s important to find the right one for you, and if you have what it takes to succeed.

Franchising Your Business

Whether you’re a franchisee or franchisor, make sure you obtain the important information on how and when to sell your business.


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The Hero!

Mary E. Tomzack is a well-known and respected business consultant and franchising specialist. Author of Tips & Traps When Buying a Franchise, Going Global: Strategies and Techniques for New Multi-Nationals, and President and Founder of FranchiseHelp, Inc., Ms. Tomzack has led the industry as a franchise consultant by helping those looking for franchise business ideas, franchise lending organizations, multiple unit franchisees, shareholders and autonomous businesses looking to transform their business into a successful franchise.

Ms. Tomzack has held ownership of two business franchises, in addition to founding and operating a business which manufactured and marketed women’s fragrances. Today she holds the role of founder and President of Pure Franchise, helping entrepreneurs discover franchise business ideas across the country.

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Franchise Business Ideas and Franchise Consultant


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