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Successful franchise businesses owe much of their growth to the use of cutting-edge tactics in marketing and advertising. In today’s competitive landscape, the battle only begins when you open your doors as a new business. Establishing a solid community presence as early as possible can help you position your business as a key player in the local economy with plenty of potential for longevity. By using tools and strategies that best suit the needs of your local market, your franchised business can reach your target audience.

The following tips are good starts for ways to market your business and devise a compelling call-to-action:

Provide Creative Online Content

When it comes to attracting new customers, your website can be your most effective selling tool. The key is creating original content that encourages customers to return to your website again and again. The most engaging consumer websites provide useful information about products or services while showcasing the business as an industry leader and premier destination.

Use Social Media

Social media provides one-of-a-kind connections to new and returning customers that are far more intimate than those formed through traditional interactions. Social users’ never-ending search for the most “share-worthy” content presents an opportunity for customers to share details about your franchise location and services with friends and family. Understanding social media’s unique potential for interacting with the public can allow franchise businesses to spread the word about a new location.

Send Out Advertisements

Despite emerging trends in digital marketing, I encourage franchise owners not to underestimate traditional mailing campaigns when distributing coupons, flyers or announcements. As archaic as they may seem, these campaigns allow you to take advantage of area-specific opportunities. For example, in anticipation of your local high school’s next big football game, you can attract residents to your business by mailing exclusive coupons to redeem on Game Day.

Provide Excellent Service

Word-of-mouth marketing provides a powerful incentive for individuals to return to your business and encourage new customers to visit, as well. Always provide the best service to every customer, even if he or she shows signs of disinterest or does not make an immediate purchase. By providing excellent customer service, you can increase the likelihood that individuals will share their positive experience with loved ones and friends.

Connect with the Community

Use community events to raise awareness. Share information about your business at a booth during a local festival or volunteer to provide your services at the next block party or farmer’s market. Stay up-to-date with community events and activities to demonstrate your commitment to the area’s growth. Customers love to invest in businesses that will invest in them.

With a strategic use of marketing tools and tactics, you could be well on your way to launching a successful franchise business. Need help designing the most effective marketing plan for your franchise? Click here to learn more about how we can help!