What Brand Matches Your Client?

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Discovering a brand that aligns with a client’s values is any publicist or talent agent’s dream. As your client’s biggest advocate, you can speak to his or her potential in ways that others cannot. But, how can you leverage that knowledge to identify brands that will fit in seamlessly with his or her branding goals? How do public figures create such great synergy between their personas and the brands we know and love?

It goes without saying that the first step is knowing your client through and through. In many ways, this endeavor is similar to job hunting. You wouldn’t just submit your resume to every company with a need. Rather, it’s a better use of time to hone in on opportunities best suited to your skill set and objectives.

Childhood memories moved Grammy Award-winning rapper/actress Queen Latifah to buy a Fatburger franchise. In 2007, she reportedly told Forbes that she “grew up hanging out at Fatburger.” Understand the causes that are near and dear to your client. Look into the ideas that have inspired him or her. What issues or circumstances have shaped their success? By taking time to identify these influences, you can better understand which brands will make a perfect match and which ones aren’t worth the effort.

It also helps to understand the populations whose experiences resonate most with your client. Just as brands outline their target audiences, public figures must do the same. And, as American writer and poet Max Ehrmann once said, “You can’t be all things to all people.” Take award-winning rapper Pitbull, for instance. Known in the music world as “Mr. 305,” the Latin hip-hop star and Miami native seemed like a perfect fit for Miami Subs Pizza & Grill. Melding the two brands has led to innovation, as the brand worked towards appealing distinctly to the region’s large Latin population. Whether it’s children, senior citizens, or residents within a certain community, be sure your client can identify the population he or she is most passionate about reaching.

Deep consideration of the things that make your client come alive can lead to a match made in marketing heaven. I’d love to connect to speak more about how your star client can fit into the franchising world!

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